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Why You Choose us ?

    1.Real-Time Tracking Report

    2.Multiple Campaign Design

    3.Create a Marketing Automation

    4.Customized Template 

    5.Sale Management

Enhance Open Rate

"In Mailsmax, Increase the open rate of your campaign by resending an email with a new subject line to everyone who has not opened your previous email."

Marketing Automation

"In Mailsmax Provide Automation Email Marketing which Trigger personalized emails based on customer actions and send automated follow-ups"

Customized Template

"In Mailsmax, User Can Designed Customized Template by adding best quality images and unique content as their required format."

Multiple Campaign

"In Mailsmax campaign design are simple to use and empower you to produce emails which always enhance our earnings performance"

Real-Time Tracking

"Real-Time Tracking and Reports. Analyze your email campaign metrics. Take a look at the big picture and adjust your email marketing campaigns for the better"

Sale Management

"In Mailsmax campaign you can Boost Traffic and Get a lead in just one click which help in Increase Sale by Sending Emails to the Customers"

What is Mailmax ?

MAILMAX Is power in our numbers With millions of clients come countless insights. Mailsmax Sets your information to work so you're able to collect insights on your own successful campaigns and receive personalized information for your next movement

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